Our main laboratory is located at D&D House, 5th floor, junction of West road and Oginga Odinga Avenue, Nakuru, Kenya.
Sample collection and results pick-up is also available at Polo Centre, Ground floor, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru. We also offer home, office, on-site sample collection services through our mobile couriers/ mobile phlebotomy service bringing convenience to your doorstep/ bedside.

Mon-Fri: 8 am – 6 pm

Sat: 9 am – 3 pm

Sun: 10 am – 4 pm

We are a one-stop site for all your laboratory needs. We offer tests spanning all disciplines of laboratory medicine including haematology, coagulation, transfusion medicine, routine and special chemistry, immunology, serology, histology, cytology, microbiology, parasitology, molecular biology, genetic studies etc. Additionally, we perform procedures like bone marrow aspiration, trephine biopsies, fine needle aspiration, pap smear collection, image guided biopsies at select sites. At site (home/ office/ medical centre) specimen collection services are available on request. See our contact pages for site specific contact information.

We are a client-centric, experienced diagnostics provider led by medical specialists with a penchant for quality. We understand that behind every image, specimen or client visit is a patient or client that expects a reliable assessment/ reliable answers. We have a highly trained & professional team of staff at all levels (front office, laboratory, finance & administration, marketing etc.). Our medical specialists (radiologists & pathologists certified by the medical council) have many years in diagnostic practice and are well recognized in their respective fields. They provide oversight and liaise with your attending Dr / clinician as needed to ensure you get quality care.

Visit the laboratory with a laboratory request form filled by your attending medical practitioner. This is provided to the front office personnel for registration. You will be informed about the total cost and the receipt will contain the itemized costs. Various payment options are available (cash, M-PESA, electronic, select insurances). Sample(s) will be collected and labeled for processing. You will be informed when your results will be ready. You have the choice of picking your own results (receipt must be presented) or having them delivered to your medical practitioner.

Information on test price can be obtained by contacting your nearest laboratory/ sample collection point. Site specific contact information is available at Our Contact page. For corporate clients, please refer to costing provided together with your service level agreement.

Various payment options are available (cash, M-PESA, electronic, select insurances). For the list of insurance providers that we serve, kindly contact the nearest centre.

Our front office staff can address your queries. Please contact the relevant centre using contact details of the specific centre. Contacts

This can be done by contacting the relevant centre using centre-specific details available at Contacts Page. A verbal request can be done but should be followed by a written request. The lab will confirm:

  1. If it has the right sample type(s) for the add-on test(s).
  2. If there is sufficient residual volume from previous testing to enable add-on testing.
  3. If credible results can be obtained taking into account analyte specific stability & storage requirements.
  4. If sample is still available. Samples are discarded after lapse of the established retention times.

You can cancel a test IF the test has not been processed. The reason for cancellation should be provided. It is not possible to cancel tests which have already been processed.

Please see our centre locations for centre-specific services provided, physical addresses, contact information and working hours.

You can obtain information about commonly ordered tests from our lab test menu/ catalog/ listing accessible via “Services” tab >> “Laboratory services” tab on this website. An additional excellent resource is a site developed for public use by lab medicine (pathology) specialists.

Our lab test list/ catalogue/ directory is accessible via “Services” tab >> “Laboratory services” tab on the website and is being regularly updated. If a test is missing, this does not mean that the service is unavailable. Kindly contact the lab for assistance via +254717535037, +254202500019.

A laboratory request form filled by your attending clinician is required. If you intend to be covered by an insurance provider, you need to have a valid card/ up to date payment/provide original identification documents e.g. national ID card. In some instances pre-authorization by your medical insurer is required. Eligibility for sample collection will be determined e.g. some tests require fasting (e.g. fasting glucose, lipid profile, oral glucose tolerance test), others have special instructions before collection (e.g. semenalysis, tests using sputum or 24 hour urine collection). Some clinical history may be obtained e.g. whether you are on any medication or are known to have any medical disorder.

Your full name and age/ date of birth to be able to have 2 identifiers that can uniquely identify you. Age is required because most laboratory tests have age specific reference intervals or normal ranges. When the right age is captured, the right ranges are automatically captured on your reports. Gender is required since a lot of reference intervals are gender specific. Your contact information i.e. phone number/ email address is required to be able to communicate with you as need arises. Your attending clinician’s contact details are required for report delivery or to communicate with him/ her as need arises. Site/ source is required for a number of tests e.g. cytology and histopathological examination.

Fasting is generally ideal e.g. to avoid interference from gross lipemia. However it is mandatory only for a small number of tests. Common tests which require fasting are fasting glucose, lipid profile (only when specified as fasting lipid profile), oral glucose tolerance test, triglycerides, C-peptide, insulin. You may also be asked for a repeat collection if your sample is rejected for being lipemic (having a milky appearance/ fatty). Lipemia most commonly occurs as a result of a non-fasting state/ recent eating. It can cause interference in the results of multiple haematology, coagulation and chemistry results.

You will be informed at registration how long it will take for your tests to be completed. The duration it takes to complete a test (turnaround time) varies between tests. Most tests are done on a daily basis with results being available on the same day. Others may be batched i.e. done only on specific days. Some tests typically take several days before results are available e.g. cultures (2-5 days), cytology and histology..


There are a variety of reasons why a lab specimen/ sample may be rejected. Common ones include insufficient quantity, haemolysed specimens, lipemic specimens, clotted specimens in tubes containing anticoagulants or which have been submitted for cell counts, specimens which are collected in the wrong tubes or preservatives, unlabelled or mislabelled specimens, handling errors (e.g. leaking specimens, broken slides, specimens which are supposed to be frozen or protected from light but are not), missing request forms, request forms with critical missing information (e.g. tests not specified, 24 hour urine samples where urine volume has not been provided, missing age or gender), mismatch between request form and sample label details, empty sample containers.

Collected specimens should immediately be labeled with full name of the patient, date & time of collection. Slides should be labeled immediately with full name of the patient. Unlabeled specimens are rejected & for patient safety are not returned back to referring facilities for relabeling. In the event that it is a precious irreplaceable sample, written confirmation to proceed with testing should be provided by the referring facility. However a disclaimer to the effect that an unlabeled specimen was received and caution should be exercised in using these results will be put on the report.

Triple packaging instructions apply. The primary receptacle (labeled vacutainer, sample container) should be well sealed & leak proof. It should be wrapped in sufficient quantity of absorbent material to absorb all fluid in case of leakage/ breakage and put in a secondary receptacle e.g. a biohazard specimen bag, canister with screw cap. Several primary receptacles can be put into one secondary receptacle. The secondary receptacle should then be put in a rigid outer container. The package exterior should contain the name, physical address, phone number of the laboratory, orientation arrows ( ) to show which side should be up and a biohazard label. Laboratory request forms should accompany the specimen and should be placed between the secondary receptacle and the tertiary receptacle e.g. in the external pocket of a ziplock bag containing specimens.

Some tests require special collection materials e.g. special filter papers for dried blood spot collection, perchlorate tubes for pyruvate tests, Michel’s medium for imunofluorescence studies on biopsies etc. Kindly contact the laboratory for assistance. Centre specific contact details are available.

A biopsy is a tissue specimen collected by your attending doctor / clinician usually for the purposes of making a diagnosis. It may be obtained via a minor or major surgical procedure or via image guidance. The collected tissue is preserved in 10% neutral buffered formalin if the intended test is histopathologic examination. Put normal saline for culture samples. The specimen is sent to the laboratory immediately for processing and examined by the pathologist.

10% neutral buffered formalin (NBF) is the recommended fixative/ preservative for tissue specimens for which the specific required test is histopathologic examination by routine light microscopy (other preservatives may apply for other tests).

10% formalin (unbuffered) can be made as follows: Make a 1:10 dilution using 1 part 37-40% undiluted formaldehyde solution and 9 parts distilled water. For example, to make 1L, mix 100mL of 37-40% formaldehyde solution with 900mL distilled water.

10% neutral buffered formalin (recommended) can be prepared as follows:

Detailed written instructions are available at the laboratory. Kindly contact the nearest centre. Details Available in contact page.


For an accurate histological diagnosis, immediately transfer specimen into an appropriate size container with an appropriate volume of fixative solution (10% neutral buffered formalin). This will preserve it in as life-like state as possible and avoid autolysis/ deterioration. If tests other than routine histology are required, the table below serves as a guide. If in doubt, contact the lab for confirmation.

Parentage testing services are offered to walk-in clients to establish whether an alleged father (paternity testing) or alleged mother (maternity testing) is/ are the biological parent(s) of a child or children. A variety of reasons may lead to parentage testing including but not limited to suspected child theft/ trafficking/ infant mix up or doubt about whether one is a biological parent of an alleged child. Requirements include:

  • Original & clear copies of ID card or passport for alleged parent(s).
  • Original & clear copy of birth notification or birth certificate of each child.
  • Clear recent passport photos of each party involved (parent/s; child/ren).
  • Filled consent form (issued by the lab).
  • All parties must present themselves at the same time / on the same day for sample collection.
  • Report/s is/ are collected in person by the parent(s) &/ or child(ren) >18 years old.
  • For paternity testing, motherless paternity testing (testing without mother’s consent) is discouraged. However children >18 years can consent on their own behalf even where the mother’s consent is not forthcoming. Other cases will be assessed on a case by case basis.


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