Sub Category

Microscopy/ Culture/ Sensitivity (M/c/s)


Blood Culture


Blood C/S


Profile/ Panel (Bundled Tests)

5 days

5 Days. Positive Results Are Reported As Soon As They Are Obtained. Negative Results Are Reported At 48 Hours (Interim) And 5 Days (Final)


Culture And Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing (Where Indicated) Using Conventional Methods For Identification & Kirby Bauer Method For Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing.


Room temperature (slides)


All working days


pathogen isolation, identification & reporting of appropriate antibiotics as applicable.

Pre-analytic Considerations


Sample Requirements

Fill out test request form fully & legibly. clinical history/ indications required inclusive of results of other diagnostic work-up. concurrent CBC printout or CBC order required. concurrent PBF order/ examination required for optimal hematological assessment.

Patient preparation

Collection Should Preferably Be Done Before Initiation Of Antibiotics.

Sample type

Whole Blood.

Container/ preservative

Blood Culture Bottles (Aerobic & Anerobic Set For Adults; Aerobic Bottle For Infants & Young Children).

Sample volume

3 ML

Rejection criteria

Labeling Issue (Unlabeled/ Mislabeled); Missing Request Form; Incorrect Preservative/ Container; Frozen Sample.

Other Instructions

if additional tests are required, obtain the relevant samples & list them on the request form e.g. flow Cytometry (EDTA & Heparin Vacutainer, 3ml each), Cytogenetics (Sodium Heparin Vacutainer), Culture (Blood Culture Bottles) etc.

Reference intervals

No Growth Obtained/ No Pathogens Isolated.

Clinical Utility

PYREXIA Of Unknown Origin.

Test Limitations/ Confounders

Prior Exposure To Antibiotics, Refrigeration Of Samples & Under/ Overinoculation Of Blood Culture Bottles (Incorrect Sample Volume) Can Result In False Negative Cultures. Skin Commensals May Be Grown As Contaminants.


Draw Using Aseptic, Non-touch Technique; Blood Cultures Are The First To Be Collected In The Venepuncture Order Of Draw; Do Not Refrigerate; Transport Immediately (At Room Temperature) To The Lab For Immediate Incubation; For Adults, 2-3 Blood Culture Sets (Aerobic & Anaerobic Bottle Set) Are Recommended; For Infants & Young Children, Aerobic Bottles Suffices.