Anatomic Pathology

Sub Category

Surgical/ Histopathology


Histopathology Consultation, Wet/ Unprocessed Tissue; Surgical Pathology Consultation, Wet/ Unprocessed Tissue.




Individual Test

14 Days

Results Ready in 14 Days


Grossing, Tissue Processing, Staining And Microscopy


Room temperature; refrigerated is also acceptable.



Components Parameters


Pre-analytic Considerations


Test Ordering Instructions

Fill out test request form fully & legibly. Provide your contact information & complete history including suspected diagnosis & relevant investigation details (lab, imaging). Specify the exact sample type, procedure done, anatomic site, laterality where applicable (e.g. Left vs right) and the fixative used. Time of insertion into fixative is required for Mastectomy specimens.

Patient preparation


Sample type

A Variety Of Specimens Are Categorized As "Medium" Based On Hybrid Criteria (Size/ Complexity/ Cost Of Processing/ Pathologist Time) E.g. Adrenal Resection, Bile Duct Resection, Breast Biopsy (Not Mastectomy), Carotid Body, Kidney Biopsy (Not Nephrectomy), Brain Or Meningeal Biopsy, Mediastinal Mass, Muscle Biopsy, Ovarian Mass, Parathyroid Gland(S), Placenta, Salivary Gland, Skin Resection Of Malignant Melanoma, Small Bowel Diverticuli, Soft Tissue Lipoma, Testis, Thymus, Thyroid. Also Tongue Or Tonsil With Neoplasm (Local/ With Nodes) Etc.

Container/ preservative

10% formalin (10% neutral buffered formalin preferred) in appropriate size, leak proof container. Immerse specimen into formalin within 30 minutes of removal.

Sample volume

Volume of formalin to tissue of ≥10:1

Rejection criteria

Labeling Issue (Unlabeled/ Mislabeled Blocks); Missing Request Form; Request Form Not Accompanied By Sample; Mismatch Between Request Form & Sample Details; Missing Age/ Gender; Wrong Sample Type; Incorrect Preservative; Insufficient Sample; Empty Sample Containers.

Other Instructions

Incorrect preservative (e.g. Placing sample for Histology in normal saline) is likely to resut in sample Deterioration/ Putrefaction, Suboptimal evaluation & inability to give a diagnosis.

Reference intervals

Negative for disease / Malignancy

Clinical Utility


Test Limitations/ Confounders

Poorly fixed tissue