Anatomic Pathology

Sub Category

Surgical/ Histopathology


IHC 1 Marker; IHC Single Marker; IHC 2 Markers; IHC 3 Markers; IHC 4 Markers; IHC 5 Markers; IHC 6 Markers; IHC 7 Markers; IHC 8 Markers; IHC 8+ Markers.




Individual Tests.

7-14 Days

Results Ready in 7-14 Days


Immunostain (± Reporting)


Room temperature; refrigerated is also acceptable.



Components Parameters


Pre-analytic Considerations


Test Ordering Instructions

Fill out test request form fully & legibly. Provide your contact information & complete history. H&E report required.

Patient preparation


Sample type

Formalin Fixed, Paraffin Embedded Blocks.

Container/ preservative

Formalin Fixed, Paraffin Embedded Blocks.

Sample volume

Residual tissue must be available on the block.

Rejection criteria

Labeling Issue (Unlabeled/ Mislabeled); Missing Request Form; Mismatch Between Request Form & Sample Details; Wrong Sample Type Or Fixative; Insufficient/ Depleted Sample.

Other Instructions

Routinely, staining & reporting service is offered; however, stain & return service (IHC staining only without interpretation) is available for pathologists for interpretation & reporting at their end. Test may not be performed if no indication is found as determined by the reviewing pathologist. Ancillary tests may be indicated at additional cost as determined by the reviewing pathologist..

Reference intervals


Clinical Utility

Variable E.g. Diagnosis/ Confirmatory/ Subtyping (E.g. Lymphoid Markers For Confirmation & Subtyping Of Lymphomas; Cytokeratin For Carcinomas; Myogenin Or Desmin For Sarcomas; S100 For Melanomas Etc.); Theranostic Or Prediction Of Response To Targeted Therapy (E.g. ER, PR Results Can Predict Response To Hormonal Therapy; HER2 Results For Response To Herceptin); Prognostic.

Test Limitations/ Confounders

Cost depends on number of IHC markers (resident pathologist available to give advice).