Sub Category

Microscopy/ Culture/ Sensitivity (M/C/S)


Culture & sensitivity




Profile/ Panel (BUNDLED TESTS)


3-5 days depending on sample type (or as soon as positive results are obtained)


Culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing (where indicated) using conventional identification methods & KIRBY BAUER method for antibiotic susceptibility testing.


Room temperature (swabs)


Setup perfomed everyday

Pre-analytic Considerations :


Components / Parameters

Pathogen isolation, identification & reporting of appropriate Antibiotics as applicable

Test ordering Instructions

Fill out test request form fully & legibly

Patient preparation

N / A

Sample Requirements

Fill out test request form fully & legibly. clinical history/ indications required inclusive of results of other diagnostic work-up. concurrent CBC printout or CBC order required. concurrent PBF order/ examination required for optimal hematological assessment.

Sample type

Sample site & specific sample type must be specified.

Container/ preservative

Sterile Container

Sample volume

If a swab is collected, submit two in transport media; if fluid is collected, submit 3-5ml.

Rejection criteria

Labeling Issue (Unlabeled/ Mislabeled); Missing Request Form; Incorrect Preservative/ Container; Frozen Sample.

Other Instructions

For specific instructions for blood, stool, urine, HVS, CSF culture, refer to specific test for appropriate instructions.

Reference intervals

No Growth Obtained/ No Pathogens Isolated.

Clinical Utility

Evaluation of suspected infection.

Test Limitations/ Confounders

Prior exposure to antibiotics can result in false negatiive cultures.