Thrombosis/ Thrombosis risk assessment




Protein S functional, Functional Protein S,


Individual Test


results ready aftre 7-10 working Days


Chromogenic activity assay


Transportation temperature need to be Frozen


Setup is Conducted Once a week

Pre-analytic Considerations


Component Parameters


Sample Requirements

Citrated whole blood/ plasma

Test Ordering Instructions

fill out test request form fully & legibly. filled up to the mark, fasting sample

Container / Presavative

citrate (light blue top) vacutainer during sample collection.

Test Considerations

fill out test request form fully & legibly.

Patient Preparations

patient should not be on Anticoagulants 2 weeks prior to the test, fasting

Sample Types

citrated platelet poor plasma (frozen)

Sample Volume

During sample collection, fill up to the mark on the tube (do not "add up" samples collected in other tubes to reach the required volume). submit 2ml platelet poor (double centrifuged) frozen citrated plasma in a separation vial. the aliquot label should identify the sample type as citrated plasma.

Rejection Criteria

labeling issue (unlabeled/ mislabeled); missing request form; mismatch between request form & sample details; missing age/ gender; wrong sample type; insufficient sample; hemolyzed samples; clotted samples; incorrect temperature handling.

Reference intervals

Appropriate values are provided on the report

Clinical utility

Diagnosing Protein c Deficiency

Test Limitations /Confounders

Anticoagulant treatment may falsely decrease the levels of protein C; activation of coagulation pathway can deplete protein c levels; this is a temperature sensitive analyte; frozen handling required.

Other Instructions

To prepare Platelet poor Plasma, Double centrifuge sample immediately after collection i.e. centrifuge, transfer pPasma, centrifuge plasma a second time & transfer the supernatant which should now be platelet poor. freeze immediately.