Sub Category

Fluid Analysis


Semenalysis; Seminogram; Spermiogram; Spermogram.


N / A


Profile/ panel (bundled tests)


Results will be ready after 4 hours


Visual, chemical & microscopic examination in accordance with the guidelines contained in the latest who semenalysis manual.


Room to body temperature e.G. In inner pocket of a jacket.


Setup perfomed everyday

Pre-analytic Considerations :


Components / Parameters

Volume, color, vitality, motility, morphology, etc.

Test ordering Instructions

Fill out test request form fully & legibly. Clearly state indication I.E. Infertility/ subfertility assessment vs. Post vasectomy assessment.

Patient preparation

For walk-in clients only; must have abstained for a minimum of 48 hours & maximum of 7 days (if the indication is fertility assessment); must be at least 2-3 months post vasectomy & sexually active (if the indication is post vasectomy assessment). Detailed instructions available from the lab.

Sample Requirements

Fill out test request form fully & legibly. clinical history/ indications required inclusive of results of other diagnostic work-up. concurrent CBC printout or CBC order required. concurrent PBF order/ examination required for optimal hematological assessment.

Sample type


Container/ preservative

Sterile Labeled Containers

Sample volume

collect sample entirely

Rejection criteria

Samples >1 hour old from time of collection.

Other Instructions

Must be delivered within 30 minutes of collection; collection time must be captured

Reference intervals

As per cut-offs provided in the latest version of the world health organization (who) semenalysis manual

Clinical Utility

Male (IN)fertility assessment; assessing the success of a vasectomy procedure.

Test Limitations/ Confounders

Samples collected in condoms may give erroneous values due to the presence of spermicides; incorrect abstinence (for fertility assessment) & post vasectomy periods may give rise to misleading results.