Sub Category

culture & sensitivity only (C/S)


N / A


Urine CS


Profile/ panel (bundled tests)


Results will be ready after 3 DAYS


culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing (where indicated) using conventional methods


Transported at room temperature if promptly delivered; refrigerate (2-8ºc) if >2 hour delay before processing is expected.


Setup perfomed daily

Pre-analytic Considerations :



pathogen isolation, identification & reporting of appropriate antibiotics as applicable

Test ordering Instructions

fill out test request form fully & legibly. specify whenever urine is obtained by catheterization, via suprapubic aspirate or surgically.

Patient preparation

give instructions for collection of clean catch, midstream urine prior to collection.

Sample Requirements

Fill out test request form fully & legibly. clinical history/ indications required inclusive of results of other diagnostic work-up. concurrent CBC printout or CBC order required. concurrent PBF order/ examination required for optimal hematological assessment.

Sample type

urine, midstream specimen (MSSU); urine can also be obtained, as applicable, by in & out Catheterization, Suprapubic aspirate or surgically obtained e.g. Cystoscopy.

Container/ preservative

Sterile , Leak proof container

Sample volume

20 milliliters

Rejection criteria

labeling issue (unlabeled/ mislabeled); missing request form; mismatch between request form & sample details; wrong sample type/ preservative (samples containing boric acid preservative are inappropriate for dipstick examination)

Other Instructions

this test does not include microscopy & dipstick examination. if desired, please order urine microscopy, culture & sensitivity (urine m/c/s)

Reference intervals

sterile culture for surgically obtained specimens; no significant growth of uropathogens for mid stream specimen of urine (MSSU).

Clinical Utility

evaluating for urinary tract infection (UTI) - Cystitis, Pyelonephritis, Asymptomatic Bacteriuria etc.

Test Limitations/ Confounders

failure to collect mssu specimens can result in high culture contamination rates and requests for repeat collection. prior exposure to antibiotics can lead to false negative results.