Special Imaging




Ba enema, enema


30 minutes-1HR.


Extra time: 30M-1HR.


All working days.

Test in Brief

Barium enema is an imaging procedure that involves taking a series of special X-rays of the large intestine (colon) after administration of liquid containing barium through the anus.

Exam Requirements

Patient is expected to be on a low residue diet for at least 72 hours prior to the examination/ take a laxative on the evening before the procedure and to be fasting on the day of the examination. Female clients: If you are/ may be pregnant, please notify the radiographer/ radiologist.


Capture accurate patient information when reading request form to identify indications and contra-indications before the procedure/exam.


Patient lies still on the x-ray couch bucky, the part to be x-rayed is exposed to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures/images of the inside of the body, at different angles and positions, taking into consideration the region to be examined, type of exam and size of the patient. Images of good radiographic quality are printed & given to the radiologist for reporting. Used to diagnose abnormalities of the human colon (large intestines).

Usefulness /Advantages

To find inflammation, polyps, diverticulitis ,or cancer in your colon or rectum.