CT scan



2 Hours

Results ready 2 hours (after completion of the test)


All working days



Test in Brief

This is an imaging test that uses a rotating X-ray scanner to obtain multiple cross-sectional X-ray images. Sometimes administration of a special dye (contrast media) into the vein is required. The patient lies on a motorized table which will move the patient into the scanner which resembles a giant doughnut.

Exam Requirements

Notify the radiographer if you are or suspect that you might be pregnant (female patients). Patient changes into a gown which we will provide & removes all jewellery, watches and bras with underwire. For contrast administration, written consent is obtained. Once placed on the table, lie still till the end of the procedure/ exam. .Full bladder prior to exam/procedure.

Instructions For Referring Doctor Or Institution

Please state clinical indication for the test on the request form; for NHIF & other insurance clients, provide the necessary documentation in full inclusive of stamps and referrer’s name/ signature/ board registration details where required. In case of NHIF queries/ clarifications, call 0785 033335 (Nakuru).

Instructions For Radiographer

Capture accurate patient information when filling the consent forms/reading request form to identify indications and contra-indications before the procedure/exam.


Patient is placed in the CT Scanner; Radiation is sent in depending on the exam, region of exam and scan time; radiation is turned off; images are reconstructed on the CT console & assessed for good radiographic quality; images are then reported by the radiologist. A comprehensive report detailing the patient name, gender, age, procedure date, procedure name and findings is provided.