30 Mins-1 hour

Results ready 30 minutes (after completion of the test) to 1 hour


All working days

Test in Brief

Used by Doctors to evaluate arterial supply in one or both legs both legs for any disease(s) within them (e.g. insufficiency, thrombus, stenosis etc)

Exam Requirements

Full bladder prior to procedure. Patient lies still till the end of procedure/exam. Patient should adhere to instructions given during the scan.


Capture accurate patient information when reading request form to identify indications and contra-indications before the procedure/exam.


Patient is placed on the ultrasound couch & ultrasound gel is applied on the region to be examined. A small transducer (probe) transmits high frequency sound waves through the gel into the body. Images are transmitted on the screen & those of good radiographic quality are printed by the sonographer & reported by the radiologist.