An annual wellness check up is a set of examinations done to establish ones state of health at a point in time while also alerting to any areas of concern before one becomes symptomatic. Annual wellness check up entails a series of physical, laboratory and radiological evaluation. Some of the tests in these evaluations include; blood pressure, BMI assessment, Diabetes check, Liver and kidney functions check, breast/prostate/cervical cancer screens. Any abnormal results will be communicated to the client and if any remedial action is to be taken, proper advice will be given on whom to see thereafter. Annual wellness check up is for everyone. At Scanlab we do have wellness packages that are categorized into four groups: Above 50years (Male and Female) and Below 50 years (Male and Female).

Always remember; the goal of wellness check up is for any abnormal results to be picked up before one can feel the symptoms e.g. if one has a breast lump, we want to see it on mammogram or ultrasound before one can actually physically feel it. At this point management is always easier.