The field of molecular diagnostics, which uses biological analysis to detect specific sequences in DNA or RNA that might be associated with disease, is growing rapidly.

The rapid improvement in workflow and turnaround time for most molecular testing methods has provided promising results. These tools now have the potential to replace many conventional microbiology laboratory assays. Developments in technology have also resulted in more user-friendly testing platforms that are automated, have lower risks for contamination and have the ability to deliver faster results.

Molecular methodologies offer numerous advantages to the clinical laboratory. These include:

Sensitivity: Amplification methodologies are particularly useful in increasing the sensitivity of a methodology and useful in the identification of target molecules of interest that are only present in low concentrations.

Specificity: Molecular methods minimize false positive test results by targeting the specific molecule of interest.

Turn Around Time: In comparison with standard traditional culture methods, molecular methodologies usually offer better turn around times from receipt to result reporting.

Application: broader application can be found with molecular methodologies such as infectious diseases, genetic testing, forensics, drug resistance, and tumor marker detection and monitoring.


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