Let’s talk about HSG today…

This is a special type of X-ray used to evaluate female (in)fertility.
It involves the placement of an iodine-based dye (contrast) through the cervix and taking x-rays to view the flow of dye into the uterus and fallopian tubes.
A doctor will normally request for the test if they suspect blockage.

Some possible reasons for uterine/ tubal blockage are;
-Pelvic inflammatory disease
-Bacterial infections
-Recurrent infections
-Abdominal surgery etc

Test instructions;
1. Test requires prior booking
2. It’s normally done on the 10th day from the onset of menses
3. Client should avoid intercourse for 2 days before and 2 days after the procedure
4. It is advisable to shave before the procedure (if uncomfortable with a clean shave, a short trim will do)
5. Minutes before the procedure, empty your bladder.
6. Try to relax the pelvic muscles during the procedure for minimal discomfort

Procedure takes a maximum of 10 minutes
Some possible side effects after the procedure are;
-Abdominal pain and /or discomfort, a crampy feel
-Vaginal spotting and/or watery discharge (a sanitary towel is usually provided to manage this)

HSG is a fast, painless and affordable procedure. For any inquiries or more information, kindly reach us on 0722149505 or email info@scanlabkenya.com

Check out the below pictures for more clarity